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For etching and engraving glass we sell etching paste, spray, hand and electrical engraving tools.

For stained glass we carry Kansa glass, lead came, flux and soldering irons.

We have a range of glass paints, both water-based and solvent-based, including Pebeo’s vitrea 160 and porcelaine 150.  Some are in pens.

We stock Prisme Fantasy and Moon Fantasy which works on any surface.  We also stock Gedeo glazing resin.

Our stock includes acetate sheet, stick on paper, outliners and copper foil.  We also carry bottle cutters, glass and plastic shapes (including 3D, such as spheres and teardrops) for decoration, and glass nuggets.

We also have dip-it kits (fantasy film) but also supply individual tins.  Cold enamelling materials are also available, generally to order.

We have an enamelling stove - heated by nightlights.  Used with special enamel powders: no hardener required.

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Visit the shop: 30 King Street, Carmarthen SA31 1BS, West Wales