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We supply moulds, or the materials for you to make your own, for a variety of casting media.

Some pre-formed latex moulds are in stock, others can be ordered.  They are suitable for cold casting - e.g. with stone powder or casting resin.  If you wish to make your own moulds of this sort we have latex and thickener.

We also carry silicone rubber, which makes firmer (and heat resistant) moulds also suitable for hot casting as well as for more delicate media like plaster of Paris.  Firmer, but less heat resistant, moulds can also be made with our white silicone rubber or Gelflex remeltable PVC resin.  For short-life quick-setting moulds, suitable for casting from hands and feet etc, we have alginate powder.

We have a variety of reusable moulds for casting embedding resin: and for candle-making we carry clear plastic and latex moulds in a variety of shapes and sizes.

All ancillary products - such as sealers, release agents and cleaners - are available.

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