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  Embroiderers Guild Magazine
    An on-line version of a recent edition of "Stitch", the Guild's magazine - full of projects and with explanations of the stitches used.
  Crafts Beautiful Magazine
    An on-line version of this magazine - billed as "The UK's Favourite Craft Magazine" - which covers a wide rage of crafts and hobbies including discussion forums and useful guides to techniques.
    "We aim to provide all the information a UK glass painter could need, both on this site directly and by providing links to a wealth of other UK sites with relevant information. [...] The site contains information for everyone, from the complete beginner to the professional. We hope it might even encourage more to take it up :-)" ~ the pyrography website
    "the world's premier website devoted exclusively to the art of Pyrography".  Includes descriptions and advanced discussions of equipment and techniques as well as "Worksheets" for beginners.
  The Marquetry Society
    The UK Society's web page, containing examples of work from around the world as well as news, projects and a 'How it's done' section.
  Scrapbooking - on-line magazine
    Ideas, resources and examples for those interested in scrapbooking.
  The King Street Gallery
    Artists' co-operative, above the Community Crafts shop.
  Lyla Sweetheart
    Handmade jewellery for every occasion.

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